Send Some Joy + Save Some Time


You have 3 ways to shop with us!

You can shop like you always would on any website, add to cart and checkout.  You can choose proven best sellers from our bundles selection to make it extra fast and easy!  You can ‘hire’ us, your free virtual assistant. We ask a couple questions that will take you about 60 seconds to answer and then we (and by we, I mean a fabulous human, because we love a personal touch) will text you two hand selected gift choices. Once you approve one of the choices we will send you a one click link to buy.

We wrap it just like you would, this means each gift is uniquely wrapped depending on the item or occasion – this is not your one box fits all type of gig.  We include your message on a handwritten note and then we mail your gift to your lucky recipient.

If you prefer to preorder multiple gifts and have them sent to you then we will leave the cards blank and include a reminder note for what is inside.

We like to think of ourselves as your virtual assistant, here to help in every way. 

Once you give us a recipient’s address we will always have that address securely on file (we will ask if they’ve moved, just to be sure!). We keep track of every gift you send and can always refer back to those photos. No more wondering if you gave your MIL a robe already.

Once you assign a reason to give (birthday, holiday, anniversary of a specific event, etc.) to any of your recipients, we take note. We will send you an email or a text, whichever you prefer, 14 days before the event as a little reminder. Just give us a budget and we will select two personal gift options – you choose the perfect one and the rest is on us!

So glad you asked.  There are zero hidden costs.

You can shop with us anytime and you will pay $8 for shipping and $5 for gift wrap.

Let us break this down so that we never disappoint. 

Once you put in an inquiry for a gift, we will respond with two options within 24 hours Mon thru Sat. Once you approve a gift option, we send you a one click link to buy. Upon purchasing a gift, we wrap it and ship it within 48 hours.

Please note, we ship from California. We will always meet our timelines, but as much as we are control freaks, have not found a way to control how long it takes a shipping carrier to deliver your package! We suggest assuming it will take anywhere from 2-5 business days depending on the location of your recipient.

If you are buying ahead of time, simply choose a future date for us to ship and we will hold your package.

Most of the time we use USPS, but sometimes we use UPS (for larger packages and/or expedited shipping).


Click here to submit a return request.  Once received we will email you an RA form to include in the box.  Please return all unused merchandise to:

Heart + Twine Returns 1637 Monrovia Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Once your return is received we will email you a code to use the next time you would like to shop.

We accept returns on all unused merchandise for 30 days after it is received.

Do you mind snapping a quick photo of the damage?  Please click here to send us an email or text us at 714-548-4350. Include the photo along with your name and we will get on top of making that right ASAP!