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Is Client Gifting Important?

March 09 2021 – Cindy Wang

Is Client Gifting Important?

Is Client Gifting Important?

Everyone loves to get gifts, no matter big or small. Gifting items to your clients, whether it's to get in front of their face or as a simple 'thank you', is a great reflection of your company. A small amount spent goes a long way and can potentially have a huge return. Any business will recognize the significance of a gift and its importance in creating a longstanding relationship. 

At Heart + Twine we understand the importance of sending a perfectly wrapped gift. Our concept provides a solution for people who love the idea of a personalized gift, but likely do not have the time to curate, wrap, and ship. 

Here are a couple things we offer:

  • Branding - adding your logo or business name to your gift is essentially free marketing. It is also a reminds the recipient where the gift came from. 


  • Personalized - we curate each gift with your company and client in mind. All gifts sent are "on brand" with your company and who your client is. All cards and handwritten with your message, not printed from a template.


  • Local delivery - local to Costa Mesa? We can drop off the gift for you.

Gift giving isn't just for the Holidays, it is year round. You want your gifts to be memorable, so let us help you curate that. This is a great way to reach out to your client and connect with them. 

Gone are the days of "wine and dine", so send them a gift to get at the top of their list. Let us take this off your to-do list.

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